Feature Films

Flowers of the Field


Deeply conflicted about his sexuality and his lapses into temptation, Aaron commits himself to a reparative retreat that promises to curb his impulses. Encouraging its handful of attendees to “regain masculinity” through a variety of sessions and exercises, the group is presided over by John, who oscillates between tender placidity and righteous outrage as he manipulates his repressed charges. Simmering with resentment and self-reproach, Aaron is ill-suited to subordination.

Official Selection at:
Vancouver International Film Festival

Andrew Stanley

Sarah Buell
William Roberts

Birchwolfe Productions

Executive Producers:
Lodge Kerrigan
Dax Phelan


Supervising Editor

During the COVID-19 pandemic nine filmmakers, isolating in different parts of the world, join to make a film. ONE(NINE) is a timeless multiversal experience of what it means to find connection in a time of isolation.

Official Selection at:
Female Eye Film Festival

Ingrid Veninger
Mina Shum
Isa Benn
Jennifer Podemski
Dorothee Wenner
Shengze Zhu Slater
Carmen Sangion
Lydia Zimmermann

pUNK Films

Ingrid Veninger

If So, Do So


Minimalist Christopher Spring’s professional bobsleigh career is beginning to wind down and this 35-year-old champion only has a few competitions left to show the world what he can still do. The 2019 World Championships in Whistler offers what could be his last best chance at a gold medal. 

Jonah Blaser

Alluvium Productions

Jonah Blaser
Rachel Sigel

Toronto Hides Itself


A documentary that contrasts Hollywood’s neocolonial use of Toronto as a pseudonymous urban backdrop with the way Canadian filmmakers themselves have portrayed it over the years. Featuring: Bruce McDonald, Piers Handling, Atom Egoyan, Patricia Rozema, and Geoff Pevere.

Premiered at:
TIFF Bell Lightbox

Alexandra Anderson